When: Cancelled in 2015
Venue: Trentham School Hall, Moonshine Road, Upper Hutt.

Further information to follow.

This competition is a Nationwide dancing competition, with a difference. It is open to both Junior and Senior dancers. You do not need to be a member of a Rock and Roll Club, e.g. you could be a member of a Dance Studio or Cosmopolitan Club. The competition uses both music from the NZ Rock and Roll National's play list and contemporary music. This creates a fun and novel difference to the competition.
Clothing is also a little different:
  •  Males - NZ National Dress Code or tidy jeans and Tee shirts.
  •  Females - NZ National Dress Code, straight skirts, pedal pushers, blouses and Tee shirts.
  •  Duos: dancers have a free choice of clothing to interpret the song.
  •  Freestyle: Ladies dress or skirt any length. Men as above.
  •  Swing: "Swing" attire or Ladies dress or skirt of any length. Men as above.
  • Categories are different too - With the introduction of a freestyle (no rules) grade and others.


  •  Junior (under 18)
  •  Senior (over 18)
  •  Juvenile (under 14)
  •  Restricted (18 and over)
  •  Youth (over 14 and under 18)
  •  Crystal (18 and under 30)
  •  Youth Triples (under 18)
  •  Platinum (30 and under 40)
  •  Youth Restricted (under 18)
  •  Golden (40 and under 50)
  •  Diamond (50 and over)
  •  Triples (over 18 and under 40)
  •  Triples (over 40)

  • Other Innovative Categories

  •  Duos (no age limit) Unders and Overs (one under 18)
  •  "Honky Tonk" Triples (no age limit) and the other over 18
  •  Swing (no age limit) Open (Junior or Senior couple)
  •  Same Sex (Rose and Thorn) Novice (all really new dancers)
  •  (Junior or Senior couple)
  •  Free style (Junior or Senior)
  •  Couple, 1 yr dispensation