THE CONSTITUTION OF

                                           THE HARBOUR CITY ROCK'N'ROLL CLUB

1.                               NAME

1.1               The Club shall be called the "Harbour City Rock 'n' Roll Club Incorporated" hereinafter referred to as “the Club”.


2.                               DEFINITIONS

2.1               Amateur – means a dancer who receives no direct personal financial gain from rock'n'roll-related activities, including teaching and demonstrations but excluding club-approved subsidies and competition prizes

2.2               Annual General Meeting – means the annual general meeting of the Club

2.3               Championships – means the annual dancing competition organised by the Club

2.4               Committee – means those Club members elected as Executive Committee or general Committee members at the Annual General Meeting or co-opted on to the Committee as per Section 11.3

2.5               Competitor – means an individual who intends to or has competed in a rock’n’roll competition

2.6               Executive Committee – means the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and others, as elected at the Annual General Meeting

2.7               Family - means one or two senior members and their junior offspring if any.

2.8               Honorary Member – means an individual who has been elected as an Honorary Member of the Club

2.9               Junior - means someone aged less than 18 years

2.10            Life Member – means a Club member who has been elected as a Life Member of the Club

2.11            Member – means someone who has had their application for membership to the Club accepted by the Club committee as per Section 6.4

2.12            National Assessment – means the process of determining whether a competing couple or triple meet the National Qualifying Level as defined in the NZARRA Rule Book A

2.13            NZARRA – means the New Zealand Rock n Roll Association Inc

2.14            Senior - means someone aged 18 years or over

2.15            Senior Nationals – means the Senior National Championship run by the NZARRA

2.16            Special Meeting – means a special meeting called as per Section 15.2


3.                               OBJECTIVES

3.1               To encourage the enjoyment of rock’n’roll music and dancing at all levels.

3.2               To act in co-operation with any other associations, committees, societies or institutions for the promotion of rock and roll music and dancing.

3.3               To promote a high standard of team work and comradeship in all phases of Club activities.

3.4               To arrange hops, promotions and other social activities for the benefit of the Club members.

3.5               To acquire real and personal property for the purpose of the Club and to dispose of property no longer needed.

3.6               To affiliate with the NZARRA, so members can participate in competitions at regional and national level.

4.                               CLUB COLOURS

4.1               The Club colours shall be sea spray blue, yellow and black.


5.                               AMATEUR

5.1               Only bona fide Amateur rock'n'roll dancers may represent the Club in competition, including Club Championships.

5.2               Any direct financial gain made by a dancing partnership is deemed to have been made equally by all members of that partnership.


6.                               MEMBERSHIP

6.1               Membership may be held in the following manner:

6.1.1       Senior

6.1.2       Junior

6.1.3       One- parent family

6.1.4       Two-parent family

6.1.5       Life

6.1.6       Honorary

Children who turn 18 during the financial year are covered until the end of the financial year by their existing membership.

6.2               Life Members

6.2.1           Any member of the Club who has given outstanding service to the Club, over a minimum period of seven cumulative years, may be nominated by any other member of Club at least five years’ standing.

6.2.2           The name of any ‘life membership’ nominee must be submitted to the Club secretary no less than 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting with an outline of the dates, nature and details of the nominee’s service to be included with their name.

6.2.3           The name of the proposer(s) and the name of any life membership nominee(s) is to be forwarded by post or email, as part of the Annual General Meeting agenda, to all financial members, at least seven days prior to the date set for the meeting to be held. An outline of the dates, nature and details of the nominee’s service is to be included with their name.

6.2.4           The election of any nominee to life membership is to be a two thirds majority vote conducted by secret ballot early in the Annual General Meeting. The name of any successful nominee is to be published in the next Club newsletter and the life membership will take effect immediately on the vote being carried.

6.2.5           Life membership can be revoked at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting by two-thirds majority of the members present at that meeting, if that member’s conduct is deemed to render him/her no longer fit for life membership.

6.2.6           A Life Member may voluntarily surrender their life membership in writing if they feel it is no longer in the best interests of the Club to retain it.

6.2.7           A Life Member shall receive free membership for the duration of their life membership.

6.3               Honorary Members

Individual persons who have given outstanding service may be elected as an Honorary Member at the Annual General Meeting on being nominated and seconded by a financial member, for the period of one year.

6.4               Mode of Membership

6.4.1           All applications for membership as defined in Section 6.1 to the Club are to be voted on by the committee at the first committee meeting following receipt of the application.

6.4.2           If elected, the Club member shall be issued with a membership card and a copy of the constitution of the Club.

6.4.3           If not elected, the applicant is to receive in writing, confirmation of such result, along with a refund of any monies received.

6.5               Club Championships

6.5.1           For all Competitors, except those competing in the Novice and Invitational sections, in the Senior and Junior Championships of the Club, one of the couple must have been a financial member for at least three months prior to the event, except as allowed at the discretion of the Committee.

6.5.2           Except for Novice and Invitational sections Competitors must be financial members of the Club at close of entry of competition.


6.6               Allocation of Club Fundraising

6.6.1           Club fundraising is to be used to assist with the support or promotion of the Club at such events as the Committee deems acceptable.

6.6.2           The Club shall provide those attending Senior Nationals with the primary purpose of supporting the club and its endeavours, a subsidy against entrance, accommodation, and transportation costs. The total maximum cost to the club is to be determined at the club’s Annual General Meeting

6.6.3           Competitors who represent Harbour City at the Senior Nationals shall be given a contribution toward their costs. The maximum cost to the club is to be determined at the Club’s Annual General Meeting.

6.7          No Member of the organisation or any person associated with a Member shall participate in or materially influence any decision made by the organisation in respect of the payment to or on behalf of that Member or associated person of any income, benefit, or advantage whatsoever.

Any such benefit paid shall be reasonable and relative to that which would be paid in an arm’s length transaction. (i.e. market value).


7.                               RESIGNATION FROM MEMBERSHIP

7.1               A Member wishing to resign membership during the Club financial year must do so in writing.

7.2               A Member so resigning shall at that time forfeit all rights to and claims upon the Club and its property and funds but shall not be discharged or freed from any liabilities to the Club which may then have been accrued by that Member.  The Committee however, may remit whole or any part of the subscription paid by the Member so resigning.


8.                               EXPULSION

8.1               The Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel from the Club or an elected Committee position, any Member who shall wilfully break the bylaws and/or sections of the constitution of the Club, or whose conduct in its opinion renders him/her unfit for membership to, or their elected position in, the Club.

8.2               No Member shall be suspended or expelled without;

8.2.1       First being summoned before a meeting of the Committee to explain their conduct.

8.2.2       Being given at least three days notice to attend the Committee meeting.

8.2.3       A majority vote of two-thirds of the Committee members.

8.3               Any expelled Member shall forfeit all rights or claims upon the property of the Club but is still liable under Section 7.2


9.                               COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE

9.1               Any complaints must be submitted in writing to the Committee (or to the Executive Committee if concerning a Committee member) and signed by a Club Member, and will be tabled at the next Committee (or Executive Committee) meeting.

9.2               Complaints must be about events or behaviour of one or more Harbour City Members at a rock’n’roll event to be considered by the Committee.

9.3               The outcome of the consideration of any complaints letter will be documented in the Committee (or Executive Committee) minutes, in conjunction with any other agreed actions being undertaken.


10.                           SUBSCRIPTIONS

10.1            The annual subscriptions shall be as follows;

10.1.1     Sums to be decided upon at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting.

10.1.2     The subscription year of the Club shall be deemed to be from 1st April to 31st March.  New subscriptions received between 1st January and 31st March may be paid at a reduced rate (to be decided at a committee meeting)

10.1.3     Members who fail to pay the subscription by 1st April shall cease to be a Member.  Reminder notices for subscription renewal will be published in the February and March newsletters


11.                           COMMITTEE

11.1            There shall be an Executive Committee of the Club, consisting of no less than the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer; elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

11.2            The general Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting or at any other time by being proposed by a member of the Committee as in section 11.3.

11.3            The Committee shall have ten members and the power to co-opt up to four additional financial Club members to the Committee as and when necessary for the well-being of the Club.

11.4            The Committee shall meet once a month or at any other time as necessary.

11.5            In the case of voting being equal in the Committee, the chairman has the casting vote i.e. a second vote.

11.6            Any member of the Committee absenting themselves from 4 meetings may be deemed to have vacated their office, at the discretion of the Committee.

11.7            Indemnity – Every Committee member (or persons acting under the authority of the Committee) of the Club shall be indemnified by the Club for all costs, losses and expenses which any such Committee member or authority person may incur or become liable for by reason of any contract entered into or act or thing done by them as a Committee member in any way discharging his or her duty, except such as may result from their own wilful default or negligence.



12.                           OFFICERS

12.1            Officers of the Club are:





Committee Members


13.                           DUTIES OF OFFICERS

13.1            President

13.1.1     To preside over the Club at all times

13.1.2     Chair all Committee, Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings     See that a quorum is present before a meeting is opened     Be completely impartial in the chairing of the meeting     Preserve order and conduct the meeting in a business-like manner in accordance with the Constitution.     Ensure that speakers keep to the point under discussion     Prevent private chatter or heckling and call speakers to apologise and withdraw offensive statements

13.2            Vice-President

Assume all responsibilities of the President in absence of the President

13.3            Secretary

13.3.1     The Secretary shall attend and keep correct minutes of all Annual General Meetings, Special Meetings and Committee meetings.

13.3.2     Keep a record of Members present at such meetings.  Also keep a record of Members' birth dates.

13.3.3     Issue notices of meetings when directed.

13.3.4     Conduct correspondence and keep copies of the same.

13.3.5     Keep a register of the names and addresses of Members and year elected to the Club.

13.3.6     The Secretary shall control all books and records applicable to the position, and ensure that they are properly filed and cared for, that on retirement from office they are handed to their successor immediately.

13.4            Treasurer

13.4.1     The Treasurer shall attend and keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Club.

13.4.2     Pay into such bank that the Committee may direct, to the credit of the Club, all monies received.

13.4.3     Shall submit a statement of all financial affairs of the Club at the Annual General Meeting, such statement to have been previously reviewed by an independent and suitably qualified person/s as determined by the Executive Committee, prior to the Annual General Meeting.

13.4.4     All payments from Club funds shall be authorised by the Committee.

13.4.5     Signatories to the Club accounts are to be any four of the Executive Committee.

13.4.6     Cheques and withdrawals from the Club account are to be signed by three of the four signatories.

13.4.7     The Treasurer shall control all books and records applicable to the position, and ensure that they are properly filed and cared for, and that on retirement from office they are handed to their successor immediately.

13.5            Committee Members - Including the Executive

13.5.1     Encourage and help fellow members in fulfilling the objectives of the Club.

13.5.2     To ensure good conduct, at all times, of members of the Club during activities under the Club's name.

13.5.3     Attend where possible group activities connected with the Club.

13.5.4     Supervise the issue of the Club's equipment and be responsible for all equipment under their care.

13.5.5     Bring to the attention of the general Committee, issues raised by members.


14.                           MANAGEMENT

14.1            The management and control of the affairs of the Club shall be vested in the Committee in accordance with the constitution and bylaws.

14.2            The Committee shall have the power to create sub committees and nominate any Member of the Club to such, for any specific purpose they may deem necessary to effect the purpose of the Club.

14.3            Without prejudice to the general powers of the Committee, it is hereby expressly directed that the Committee shall be entrusted with, and must exercise and perform the following powers and duties:

14.3.1     To prepare and present annually, a general report of the affairs of the Club, together with an independently-reviewed balance sheet and full accounts of its financial position as at the end of the year, at the AGM.

14.3.2        To award annual cups, shields and trophies that are the property of the Club and ensure perpetual trophies are returned when called on.

14.3.3        To have full control of the funds of the Club.  To make arrangements as necessary for the opening of current or deposit accounts with any bank or banks.  To authorise payment of bills requiring to be signed made or endorsed on behalf of the Club by such Members.

14.3.4     All acts done at any meeting of members of the Committee shall be as valid as if every such person had been duly appointed and been qualified to act.

14.3.5     The decision of the Committee on the construction or the interpretation of any rule or bylaw shall be conclusive and binding on the Members of the Club.

14.3.6     Should the Committee wish to borrow funds, they must obtain approval of two-thirds of the financial Members present at a Special Meeting.

14.3.7     The official seal of the Club shall be held by the Secretary and may only be affixed in the presence of the President, Secretary and one other Executive Committee member.

14.3.8     The registered office of the Club will be the address of the present Secretary.


15.                           MEETINGS

15.1            Annual General Meetings

15.1.1     The Annual General Meeting for the Club shall be held each year no later than 31st July, at such time and place as shall be decided by the Committee. Notice of this meeting shall be sent by the Secretary by post or email to all financial Members, addressed to the last known place of abode or business supplied by them to the Secretary, at least 28 days prior to the date of the meeting.

15.1.2     Any amendment to the constitution must be in the form of a remit, which must be in the hand of the Secretary no later than 21 days before a Special Meeting or Annual General Meeting.  A copy of the remit together with the agenda of the meeting must be forwarded by post or email to all financial Members at least seven days prior to the date set for the meeting to be held.

15.1.3     The business for the Annual General Meeting shall be:     To receive from the committee a report and independently-reviewed balance sheet for the proceeding year     To elect officers and members of the Committee     To transact such other business as shall be specified in the agenda convening the meeting.

15.1.4        At all meetings of the Club or Committee, the method of voting shall be determined by the President.

15.2            Special Meeting

15.2.1     A Special Meeting of the Club must be called by direction of the Committee at any time given receipt of a requisition to that effect signed by no less than 10 financial Members of the Club.

15.2.2     The requisition will specify the objectives of the Special Meeting.

15.2.3     The meeting will be held within one calendar month of receipt of the requisition.

15.2.4     The Secretary will send by post or email to all financial Members notice of such meeting, specifying the time, place and matters to be discussed.

15.2.5     No business shall be transacted at any Special Meeting except that of which notice had been given.

15.3            The President of the Club shall take the chair at all Annual General Meetings and/or Special Meetings of the Club.  If at any such meeting the President and Vice-President are not present, then the members of the Committee will elect a chairman.

15.4            At all meetings of the Club, Annual or Special,  each life and financial member present shall be entitled to one vote and in the event of an equality of votes, the chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a casting vote.

15.5            All subcommittees shall, subject to the supervision of the Committee, conduct and manage such functions or activities as and when directed to do so by the Committee, and shall as soon as practicable thereafter prepare a profit and loss account of each activity for presentation to the Committee, and shall account to the Treasurer for all proceeds therefrom.

15.6            The Executive Committee, as a group, are answerable for any decisions made, to the Committee, at the following Committee meeting.

15.7            Quorum

15.7.1     The quorum of the Executive Committee will be three.  The quorum of the Committee meetings shall be six. 

15.7.2     The quorum of the Annual General Meeting and Special Meeting shall be 20% of all current financial Members at the date of the meeting.  If there is not a quorum present fifteen minutes after the advertised time of the meeting a motion may be put to the chairperson to accept that the Members present shall constitute a quorum.  If the motion is passed by a majority of the Members present, then those Members shall be deemed a quorum.

However if the motion is rejected by a majority of the Members present, then the meeting shall stand adjourned to anytime not exceeding fourteen  (14) days thereafter.  The new date shall be fixed by the Committee who shall give at least seven (7) days notice of the meeting by post or email.

If at the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting the Members present shall be a quorum.

15.8            Proxies for Committee Meetings

15.8.1     Committee and Executive Committee members absent from meetings may submit a proxy vote to be exercised by the Committee or Executive Committee member of their choice, such proxy to be given in writing or email to the Secretary before the meeting concerned, valid only for that meeting, and to include the absent member's name, the nominated proxy, and the date of the meeting concerned.

15.9            Attendance at Meetings by Financial Members

15.9.1     Any Member of the Club may attend any meeting of the Committee. (As meetings are usually held at the residence of Committee members, please inform the Secretary or President of the intention to attend).

15.9.2     Members wishing to attend a meeting to raise an issue/s affecting the Club should inform the Secretary of the general nature so that adequate time can be set aside on the agenda.


16.                           COMMON SEAL

16.1            The Common Seal shall be kept by the Secretary at the registered office of the Club.

16.2            The Common Seal shall not be fixed to a document, instrument, deed, writing, paper or other things unless pursuant to a resolution of the Executive Committee and in the presence of two members of the Executive Committee who shall sign the said document, instrument, deed, writing, paper or other thing as witnesses. Each fixture of the Common Seal shall require a separate motion of the Executive Committee.

17.                           INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL REVIEW

17.1            Every year, the Committee shall appoint a suitably qualified party (accountant or otherwise) independent of the Club for the purpose of completing a financial review. This person shall be charged to review the bank statements, monthly Treasurers report and related Club documents to verify the correctness of the annual financial statements, including balance sheet and profit/loss statement as prepared by the Treasurer and report to the Committee accordingly.


18.                           WINDING UP

18.1            A special meeting of the Club Members to pass a resolution for the Club to be wound up is to be called, as for section 15.2.

18.2            Upon the winding up or dissolution of the organisation, any remaining assets are to be given or transferred to another organisation or body having objects similar to the Club or donated to some charitable organisation within New Zealand.


19.                           AMENDMENTS TO THE RULES AND REGULATIONS

19.1            The constitution for the Club may be altered, added to or rescinded in the following manner;

19.1.1        By the way of remit sent in writing or email to the Secretary no later than 21 days prior to an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting.

19.1.2        The remit must be passed or rescinded by two-thirds majority of the Members present at that meeting.

19.2            No addition to or alteration of the non-profit aims, personal benefit or the winding up clause shall be approved without the approval of Inland Revenue.

19.3            The provisions and effect of clause 17.2 shall not be removed from this document and shall be included and implied into any document replacing this document.


20.                           BYLAWS

20.1            The Committee reserves the right of admission to any Club function.

20.2            Any person who causes damage to the Club property, or property for which the Club is responsible, will make full restitution for the damage and may be subject to Clause 8 of the Constitution (Expulsion).

20.3            Anyone accepting responsibility for Club property is liable for the cost of replacement in case of loss. Anyone accepting responsibility for property on behalf of the Club (e.g. trophies for competitions other than our own) is liable for any costs incurred by the Club in case of loss or late return.

20.4            The Executive Committee of the Club has the right to refuse admission and/or eject from any Club function anyone deemed to be displaying antisocial behaviour and then be subject to Section 7.2.

20.5            Any person suspected of being under the influence or possession of illegal substances at a Club function will immediately be ejected from that function.  Members so ejected will be subject to Section 7.2.

20.6            There will be no, eating or drinking on the dance floor at any Club function unless specifically allowed by the Committee. 

20.7            There will be no high heels on the dance floor at any Club function.

20.8            Competitors who represent the Club at a NZARRA or affiliated competition (excluding Nationals) are eligible to apply to have their entry refunded.  The application must be in writing, or email and should state the event, the date and the competitor and be received by the Committee within 60 days of competing. Evidence of having competed e.g. receipt for entry fee, must be produced if requested

20.9            Club Championships

20.9.1        Competitor’s age for sections that competitors can ask to be assessed for Senior Nationals in, are taken as at 31st October of the year of the Club Championship.  The ages of all other sections are taken as at the date of the competition.

20.9.2        Competitors seeking National Assessment must adhere to the NZARRA dress standard.  Dancers not seeking National Assessment are expected to wear rock’n’roll clothing but do not need to conform to the standard.

20.9.3        Entry forms must clearly state which categories (if any) the Competitors are seeking National Assessment in, and must indicate the competitor's dates of birth.  Proof of date of birth must be produced if requested.

20.9.4        All attendees who receive a subsidy or entry fee paid by the Club for attending Senior Nationals and do not attend for reasons within their control, must refund that subsidy to the Club within 60 days of the Senior Nationals finishing.

20.9.5        The following sections will be offered in the Harbour City Senior Club Championships:



Both Competitors aged 18 or over, no aerials or lifts allowed (NZARRA rules apply). They dance to a slow and a fast song.


Both Competitors aged 60 or over. They dance to a slow and a fast song.


Both Competitors aged 50 or over. They dance to a slow and a fast song.


Both Competitors aged 40 or over. They dance to a slow and a fast song.


Both Competitors aged 30 or over. They dance to a slow and a fast song.


Both Competitors aged 18 years or over. They dance to a slow and a fast song.

Same Sex

Both Competitors aged 18 years or over and the same sex. They dance to a slow and a fast song.


One male and two females, all 18 years or over. They dance to two medium songs.

Best dressed competing couple

Open to all competing couples excluding Same Sex, competed in a parade format.

Best dressed competing Same Sex

Open to all competing Same Sex couples, competed in a parade format.

Best dressed competing Triple

Open to all competing Triples teams, competed in a parade format.


Both Competitors are 18 years or over, have been dancing for less than 18 months, and have not danced in a Rock’n’Roll competition before. They dance to one medium song.


20.9.6        The following sections may be offered in the Harbour City Senior Club Championships, at the Committee’s discretion:

Pro Am

Both Competitors are 18 years or over, one has never danced in a Rock’n’Roll competition before. They dance to one medium song.


Both Competitors belong to an affiliated club other than Harbour City. They dance to a slow and a fast song.


Three couples aged 18 years or over dance to a known song, chosen by the Committee and advertised at least three months prior to the Championship.


Both Competitors are 18 years or over, neither have danced at Nationals. They dance to one medium song.


Both Competitors are aged 5 – 17 years inclusive. They dance to a slow and a fast song.


One Junior and one Senior, with at least a five year age gap between them. They dance to one medium song.


20.9.7        Other sections may also be offered at the Committee’s discretion.

20.9.8        When setting the program, if Competitor numbers are low, some sections may be run in parallel (although judged, and places awarded, separately).

20.9.9        A Competitor may enter the Restricted section, and with a different partner one of the Open, Platinum, Golden, Masters and Diamond sections. They may dance in any other section(s) that they are eligible for except Novice and Social.  However, the program will not specifically make allowances for those who choose to compete in multiple sections.

20.9.10     A Competitor entering the Novice section may not also enter the Social, Restricted, Open, Platinum, Golden, Masters or Diamond sections. They may dance in any other section(s) that they are eligible for.

20.9.11     A Competitor entering the Social section may not also enter the Novice, Restricted, Open, Platinum, Golden, Masters or Diamond sections. They may dance in any other section(s) that they are eligible for.

20.9.12     Although Best Dressed competitions are optional, all Competitors must attend Best Dressed marshalling, to allow dress standards to be monitored where required.

20.9.13     For any areas of competition not specifically covered, it is assumed that NZARRA competition rules apply (See NZARRA Rule Book A).

20.10         Other Competitions

20.10.1      Competitors wishing to represent the Club (including those seeking National Assessment) at non Harbour City events must formally advise the Secretary as soon as is practical.













(Document: Harbour City Rock n Roll Club Incorporated Constitution - 2016)